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Financial Planning News

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Employee benefit education

My Freedom Benefits provides independent on-site employee education programs that help your employees gain better understanding and confidence with their health benefits, 401(k) plan and other employee benefit programs that directly translates to higher morale and satisfaction with employer-provided benefit plans. more...

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Comprehensive annual financial checkup

Who benefits from an annual financial check-up? Early career professionals and business owners with big expectations, fully-engaged working parents who barely have time to pause to consider planning, those approaching retirement, do-it-yourselfers who want to clarify a few issues, and satisfied clients of financial advisers who just want to get an independent second opinion. more...

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The value of independent professional advice

My Freedom Benefits offers independent unconflicted advice. That's it! no ongoing charges or asset-based fees. The adviser, Tony Novak, MBA, MT, CPA, has more than 20 years experience leading personal financial planning and employee benefits programs and providing one-on-one help. He is active as a consumer advocate in personal finance and health care reform issues for middle-class Americans. 

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