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Comprehensive annual financial checkup

Who benefits from an annual financial check-up?

Successful review clients include early career professionals and business owners with big expectations, fully-engaged working parents who barely have time to pause to consider planning, those approaching retirement, do-it-yourselfers who want to clarify a few issues, and satisfied clients of financial advisers who just want to get an independent second opinion.

What is covered?

The primary focus of an annual review is to address the issues that are most important and presenting challenges to you right now. A second objective is to draws attention to risks and opportunities for improvement in these core topics that may not be so obvious:

  1. cash flow management
  2. education planning
  3. retirement planning
  4. tax planning
  5. investment
  6. risk management and insurance
  7. estate planning

How is this service different from others?

Tony Novak, CPA, MBA, MT is one of the county's very few independent broad-based financial advisers currently offering professional non-conflicted service specifically designed for middle-class clients. (See this link for the adviser's biography).

Most new clients have not worked with a fee-based adviser nor understood the distinction between independent advice and the commission-based service provided by professionals who deliver most financial planning services to middle income Americans. The differences in approach, topical areas covered and resulting advice can be shockingly different.

You won't find an adviser in a nice suit and tie or lavishly appointed offices designed to impress but you will receive practical, convenient, and down-to-earth advice that is based on independent analysis and reliable third party research focused solely on your best interests.

What does it cost?

Typically the cost of a basic review is $150 based on an assumption of about two hours work plus the written follow-up documentation. It is important to remember that everyone's situation is different and it makes sense to plan the cost/benefits of this service as it pertains to your unique situation.

How do I get started?

A review can be accomplished by telephone, Skype or in person (in the Philadelphia metropolitan area).

Typically at least two hours is needed for a thorough checkup. Splitting the work into two one hour sessions often leads to the best results. To schedule an appointment, please contact Tony Novak at (800) 609-0683 x 1 or through email at