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Earnings-based personal financial planning

The primary sources of financial security for most Americans are wages earned through employment and the employee benefits that are funneled through the employer's payroll system. That includes our retirement income, Social Security, pension and 401(k), our medical coverage during and after our working years through private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid as well as our income protection programs in the event of disability and unemployment.

Our personal financial planning process makes takes wages and employee benefits into account first and them expands to look at other key areas and goals including:

  1. cash flow management
  2. education
  3. retirement
  4. health care
  5. tax
  6. investment
  7. risk management/insurance
  8. estate planning

Freedom Benefits offers modular fee-based financial planning independent of the influences of transaction-based firms or commission-driven transactions.

Personal financial planning services are modular, affordable and designed to be available on demand at your convenience.

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